Pioneers Stable

A warm & woody scent with deep, rich aromas from Australia-wide. Unique spicy Oudh wood coupled with the perfect amount of leather, elemi & bergamot produces a wonderfully mysterious & intoxicating masculine fragrance.

Native Lemon Myrtle

Revitalise yourself within a bushland sun shower. Lush, green herbal notes, perfectly combined with sunlit citrus creates this indigenous, medicinal Australian native fragrance.

Settlers Orchard

Picture a cool, roomy StoneHouse kitchen. Enjoy a citrusy combination of ripened limes & mandarin with undertones of hand-picked basil & fresh herbs.

Stonehouse Cottage

Our signature fragrance. Picture a cosy stone cottage amongst a lush forest landscape. This classically rounded scent of warm tobacco, kindling fire & soothing vanilla beans with hints of woody December birch evokes a comforting, nostalgic charm.

Sunkissed Linen

Freshly laundered linen drying in the Summer breeze. Invigorate the senses with hints of lemon, lime, calming lavender and fresh eucalyptus with underlying tones of cedarwood & amber.

Bunya Amber

Imagine lounging on the outback veranda. Succumb to a rich combination of Baltic amber, warm vanilla and white musk with just a touch of patchouli and lotus blossom.

Coastline Driftwood

Cruise the rugged Australian coastline. Reawaken the senses with this refreshing combination of sea salt & driftwood, blended with lavender, cyclamen & zesty lemon.

Australian Bushland

Escape amongst dense bushland with this comforting, authentic Australian fragrance. Featuring prominent notes of sun-kissed eucalyptus, uplifting pine & purifying, fresh lemon.